Our Solutions

Technology Intelligence

Vision & Insight 

 Our Program ensures our customers are getting the right information. We reduce the information noise into valuable insight and allow our customers to see a clear path. 

Distinct Solution Discovery

Solving difficult challenges with technology is what we do best. Our discovery engagements allow our customer to target our vision & insight to a specific problem.

Engineering & Architecture

Our team of engineers have broad industry experience in solving & implementing large complex engagements. We are focused on driving successful outcomes.

Technology Investment Management

Strategic Sourcing

Helping our customers drive better business outcomes through technology insight.

Technology Adoption

Guiding the process of new technology implementation through end of life.

Business Impact Analysis

Measuring the success and long-term benefits of technology decisions. 

Vendor Management

Managing the roadmap, upgrades & support for technology acquisitions. 

Renewal Support

Ensuring that all technology is evaluated & updated to continue servicing the original intent.

Policy Compliance


Complying with internal and regulatory agencies for purchasing through partners. 

Foundational Innovation

Coravant believes that a diverse workforce is essential for innovation and fosters stronger business outcomes.


Innovation is the foundation of Coravant. We believe that building a company with a foundation based on workplace diversity will enhance and accelerate our ability to service and support our customers.